LPC1769 + OM11083 RS232 serial port not working

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Hi All,
I have an LPC1769 processor board(rev B) mounted on a OM11083 base board(rev B) which is from Embedded Artists. My aim is to get the RS232 port(J52 up an running). I need to interface an external receipt printer through COM port to the OM11083 board. Can any one help me with some sample codes which can make the RS232 port of OM11083 up and running? I am able to interface my OM11083 board to PC using the UART-USB bridge(X3), but in case of the printer i need data to be sent on the RS 232 pins. Can any one help me please. I tried running the i2c sample code provided by LPC thinking that I can make the RS232 port up, but the sample just hangs :(. I have cross checked the jumper settings for I2C and the J51 but all are seems to be in tact.