A very unhelpful & an unreliable forum, especially for the cortex m0

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by -0o- on Wed Jul 17 14:42:34 MST 2013
SERIOUSLY!!! is there anywhere I can
download the peripheral library for the lpc11xx ????

unless it is the same as the 17xx ???
or nxp decided not to make one for this cortex m0 ??
why does nxp still has it on market if they know support for the m0
is rapidly declining ??

waste of money..
my first micro-controller was the ST stm8s... forum is poor but the site offered and supported everything needed to get you started..
why would a hobbyist spend 30$ to use examples that have already been written already ??
I want to be able to write my own code!!

throw this junk else where and let me go for stm32
hopefully support wont be as horrible as this