Wake-up LPC17xx using GPIO interrupt with 3V3 regulator supply only

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by da on Mon Jun 02 08:44:24 MST 2014
I would like to use some pins of GPIO port 0 to wake-up my LPC17xx controller.
The manual tells me that, if I configure the correct GPIO Interrupt Enable registers,
a rising/falling edge of one of these GPIO pins could bring my controller out of sleep mode or power-down mode.

My hardware provides 2 separated power domains: one 3.3V supply for the I/O pads (VDD 3V3), and one 3.3V supply for the CPU (VDD REG 3V3).
When the application is in sleep mode or power-down mode, the 3.3V supply for the I/O pads is disconnected for power consumption reason,
and only the 3.3V supply for the CPU (the on-chip regulator) is available.

Do you think that my GPIO port 0 interrupt can still wake-up my controller if there is no 3V3 VDD supply for the I/O pads ?