LpcOpen v2.10 USBD based example projects not working

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by daniel.t.karlsson@gmail.com on Thu Mar 20 06:40:18 MST 2014

Im testing the usbd_lib_cdc project in latest LpcOpen v2.10 release on LpcXpresso LPC1769 but I cannot get it work.

I can compile and start debug with no problem, but when connecting the board to USB port on computer(win 7), the device is not enumerated.
The device does not appear at all in device manager, so it is like it's not seen on the USB bus.

I can see that the USB interrupt handler function (USB_IRQHandler(void) in cdc_main.c) is called when the USB contact is plugged or unplugged, but not otherwise.

I have tested a few non usbd projects and for these I have  no issue. Like periph_systik works fine, but I cannot get any of the usbd projects to work.

I have a LpcXpresso LPC1769 EA board connected to a custom extension board. This have worked fine with RDB1768cmsis2_usbstack based projects in the past.
I also used the latest tool chain, LPCXpresso  7.0.2

Any thoughts on what can be wrong?

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