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Currently i'm trying to make a program with a bootloader. But i keep failing with debugging the user application in LPCxpresso. There are a lot of questions and answers on the internet about creating a bootloader, but i cant found how to implement the flash settings in lpcxpresso. i'm using the "lpc link2" as programmer

what i'm doing:
1. program the bootloader the default way.
Debug As-> C/C++ (NXP semiconductors) MCU application

2. the bootloader start the application with the next code:

void execute_user_code(void)
void (*user_code_entry)(void);

unsigned *p;// used for loading address of reset handler from user flash

/* Change the Vector Table to the USER_FLASH_START
in case the user application uses interrupts */


// Load contents of second word of user flash - the reset handler address
// in the applications vector table
p = (unsigned *)(PROGRAM_ADDRESS_START +4);

// Set user_code_entry to be the address contained in that second word
// of user flash
user_code_entry = (void *) *p;

// Jump to user application


3. replace the user application in flash
properties->c/c++ build->mcu settings->LPC1766->MFlash256 location: 0x3000 size: 0x3d000

4. Debug the user code
Debug As-> C/C++ (NXP semiconductors) MCU application

5. Debugger jumps to the wrong code