LPC1768 User application code not executing after a flash upgrade using Flash Magic

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I am having a problem a problem where my user application code is not running after I perform a flash upgrade followed by a reset. The processor seems to be just stuck in ISP mode.

My Setup:
- Using an mbed board as the USB-Serial interface to program a custom board that has an LPC1768
- I have the UART0 interface of the LPC1768 on my custom board connected P28 & P27 of mbed board.
- I have two external push switches conected to the reset pin and P2_10 pin.
- Used the BIN2HEX to perform conversion of the binary file from the mbed IDE

- It appears that the flash magic tool is programming the device successfully as you can see from this attachment named Success.png.
- After the flash is programmed I reset my custom board and the processor seems to stay in ISP mode. I say this because I can read the DEvice SIgnature from the ISP menu in Flash Magic.
- What seems odd is when I click on 'information' in the file menu it does not show a memory range for the hex file which is 60.18KB. See Attachment info.png

Please help.