Adc Read Problem.

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I am trying to use adc peripheral.
I want to read 2 kHz sine wave with adc. Adc Clock is 12 Mhz. But when ı toggle the pin in the adc irq handler, this pin's frequency is 53 kHz.
This is unexpected behavior for me. Why this pin's freq is 53 kHz ?

Second, I am writing adc value to the dac value. I expect to see the adc signal in the dac output. But for example, when the 10 hz sine wave applied to the adc pin, dac output is look like the adc input signal. But when the frequency of the sine wave (adc input) is increased, dac output's peak to peak value is decreased. This is also unexpected behavior for me ?

Can you explain this unexpected behaviours ?

Thanks for your responses :)