LPC1768 FIFOLVL register

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I am having a erratic UART1 problem that may mean that nothing is being sent by my algorithm.
I wanted to recheck my code and I opened the new user manual UM10360 Rev. 3.1 — 2 April 2014 and could not find the FIFOLVL that I use to check if I can insert more bytes into the uart.

I did find that statement that the register was removed!

UART0/1/2/3: FIFOLVL register removed.

I searched the forum and found this thread but I am not certain that it applies to the LPC1768 and the LPC1756, the two chips we use.


I also check the errata pdf but found nothing.

Could anyone at NXP please write if I can safely read the FIFOLVL register reliably on the LPC1768 and the LPC1756.
Are there differences between code dies?

Thank you very much.
David Kaplan