LPC1769 LWIP http server tcp retransmit problem

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Hi, All:
I have a problem with my lwip http server running on LPC1769 micro. I have attached the wireshark packet to this post. my pc ip is my lpc1769 board ip is the small http server is running on lpc1769 board. it looks like every time the web browser try to link to the http server, it opens 4 tcpip connections, most of the time the fourth connection has problem. in the attached wireshark capture file, the fourth connection is port 63805 start from no. 43. it looks like web browser does not receive or can't recognize the response from lwip server, no. 44 and no. 45. however, wireshark does not show anything wrong with these packets. I worked on this problem for couple days still have no clue. please take a look to see whether you can help me on this issue, thanks.