POWER_DOWN_MODE consume too much power

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Hy everyones,

I am using a LPC1763 on a custom board. When sleeping using DEEP_POWER _DOWN, the board consume 80uA. According to the LPC1763 the consumption in this mode should be 0.6uA so the board consume approx 79.4uA. This value match my expectation, as the 80uA is approximately the sum of the quiescent current of the power stage and external wakeup logic.

I now I use POWER_DOWN_MODE I expect to have the same 79.6uA plus the 31uA from the chip (according to the datasheet).
But in this case I measure 243uA so I have 132uA more than expected. Do you have any idea why ? Should I disable other things ?

Note that in both case I have already disabled most peripherals and Brown-Out detector

Any hints would be really appreciated