Interfacing LCD with plc1788

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Hi, i have a LCD display that is 800x600  with LVDS interface and i want to make use of it with LPC1788FBD208 which has it`s own graphics controller.My question i kind of silly but, i`m new to LPP, As i was reading the datasheet of the MCU i noticed that some pins like pin 106 (LQFP208 package) is multiplexed  with these functions (and others as well).
O LCD_VD[4] — LCD data.
O LCD_VD[3] — LCD data.
O LCD_VD[8] — LCD data.
O LCD_VD[18] — LCD data.
Most of the LCD data are multiplexed on several pins(2-3)  my question is this made from functional stand point of view to have some flexibility in the option of which interfaces and peripherals are used. And can i use this peripheral interface and serialize it to LVDS signals.
Thank you for your time.