Beginning with ARM

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I have programmed 8 bit AVR's but I now want to learn about programming ARM chips.

I have got the gnuarm compiler, lpcopen and Mark Burtons make files (<a href="https://bitbucket.org/smartavionics/lpcopen-make">https://bitbucket.org/smartavionics/lpcopen-make</a>) all working. It builds a hex and I think I can flash my board. However zilcho happens. I cant get it to do anything. I have tried to simplify the example down to just turning on an led but I cant even get that to work.


The board I bought was this one:

<a href="https://www.olimex.com/Products/Modules/LCD/MOD-LCD4.3''/">https://www.olimex.com/Products/Modules/LCD/MOD-LCD4.3''/</a>


If anyone could help me with a very simple example, just to turn the led on that is on port 1 pin 18 that would atleast give me the hope that my board is flashing correclty.

The example Mark produces uses the Freertos which I want to get onto understanding, and it should output some data on the serial line but I cant get anything to come through.

ANy help just to give me a leg up would be fantastic. I have to say the learning curve on the arm is much steeper than on the AVR.