configuring I2C pins(5.2&5.3) as GPIO but not working

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I am new to LPC1788.I need to use the I2C pins(5.2 & 5.3) as a GPIO on LPC1788 controller as given below.

GPIO_SetDir(5,(1<<2),1);//configured as output
GPIO_SetDir(5,(1<<2),1);//configured as output

I'm using this pins for External ADC.
while checking the User manual it says,
"For non-I2C operation, these pins remain open-drain and can only drive low,
regardless of how HS and HIDRIVE are set. They would typically be used with an
external pull-up resistor if they are used as outputs unless they are used only to sink
current. Leave HS = 1 and HIDRIVE = 0 (if applicable) to maximize compatibility with
other GPIO pins."

after adding Pull-Up register it remains low.