USB Mass storage host not working....

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by Phani on Tue Dec 31 01:01:29 MST 2013

I am using nxpUSBlib for using LPC1768 as host reading the memory sticks. I am using CooCox as the compiler/ linker development environment. It took some time to port nxpUsblib to CooCox.

Some how after porting - I do not see nothing happens

1. MassStorageHost_Task(); - This always returns, as "if (USB_HostState[FlashDisk_MS_Interface.Config.PortNumber] != HOST_STATE_Configured)" fails. Always, I get USB_HostState[FlashDisk_MS_Interface.Config.PortNumber as 0 and HOST_STATE_Configured as 11.

2. MS_Host_USBTask(&FlashDisk_MS_Interface); This seems to be just a variable - (void)MSInterfaceInfo

3. USB_USBTask(); Also comes out.

4. Some how I do not see "USB_IRQHandler" getting called. Seems some thing missed in configuration..

5. Is there any step step guide (or note) which I can refer to find if the configuration is correct and isolate the problem?

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