can only read/write 64 byte to SDRAM

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I did a board design with a LPC1778 and an ISSI IS42S16100E SDRAM.
unfortunately I missed to connect the correct bank address line to the SDRAM. I connected P4.11 of the LPC to A11 of the SDRAM but as it is the bank address I should have connected P4.13 instead.

Currently I don't manage to get any data exchanged with the SDRAM. My question is if this is a result of the wrong bank address or if it is something else.

I would expect that at least one bank is working.

I attached a source file with my initialization code.

EDIT: My test code is able to write 64 byte to SDRAM and read it back. If I try to write more data, nothing is written. Does it only seem to be working due to buffering or is it working but there is a problem with row switching?

Thank you in advance.

kind regards

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