USB Host and USB Devices in lpc1788

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by allanzyx on Wed Jul 02 04:46:54 MST 2014
ChipSet: lpc1788
I have worked couple days for running USB Host and USB Device at same time. USB port1 used as USB Device working as vitual com port, USB Port2 used as USB Host to connecting a USB disk. Now these 2 parts code is running well separately. when I merge them into one. Of Course, I do some changes. These 2 parts code both used USB_IRQHandle to deal with interrupt. I added VCOM USB interrupt routine and USB Host interrupt routine into one IRQHandle routine.
but after USB devices initialize routine and USB Hos initialize routine, my code hang in the interrupt routine, cann't step out.
could you please let me know to how to deal USB routine when USB host and USB device running at same time.it will be better if you can send me a sample code.
If this chip can NOT support USB Host and USB device running as same time. please let me know.
Thanks a lot.