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Hello, i compile an example of the uart provided by LPCxpresso IDE downloaded from this page on my lpcxpresso1769.
Im using UART1, P0.15 Tx1 and P0.16Rx1, conected to and USB to RS232.
The TX of the ARM is conected to the Rx of the DB9 pin and the Rx to the Tx.
Im using the hyperterminal to see what the board is sending.
Both Uarts are configured in 9600baud, data bits 8, none parity, stop bits 1, flush control none.
The problem is that in the hyperterminal console im reciving anything, but not what im expecting to recive ("UART1 Online:").
I thought it was noise, but conecting the rx and tx from the USB to RS232 pins I recived what i wrote on the console (it means i discard the noise).
I dont know what is the problem.

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