Using TCPnet with KS8721 + LPC1768 + Keil

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by Curious on Tue Aug 05 10:54:35 MST 2014
i need to set up a TCP/IP or UDP network and config my board (lpc1768) as a client with a KS8721 PHY IC!
i changed [u]"PHY Identifier"[/u] to a ks8721 id and set [u]"PHY device address"[/u] with my board parameters (PHY Add. pins), setting Full-Duplex and 100Mb/s speed manually:
write_PHY(PHY_REG_BMCR,0x2100); // Full Duplex - 100Mb/s

and at last comment the [u]link status checking[/u] code because KS8721 doesn't have the [u]PHY Status Register[/u] like dp83848 has!
Finally i could test LEDClient file (Keil\MCB1700\RL\TCPnet\LEDClient), UDP network connected and data sent to PC (sniffer it with Hercules_3.2.8 sw) from micro. BUT [color=#600]when i send anything from pc to micro, udp_callback doesn't call!!![/color]
is there anything i should do more? or anyone who used [u]TCPnet with KS8721[/u]?

tnx all

p.s: Excuse me for my bad english. :)