Which root filesystem for ucLinux on 1788?  How to install?

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Hi there,

I'm working on a custom LPC1788 design that has 8MB SDRAM and 8MB NOR Flash.  I'm trying to get uBoot and ucLinux running on this system.

So far I've modified uBoot to get SDRAM and Flash working and it runs no problem.  I've built the kernel for the 1788 from ucLinux's sources and emcraft's patches and it seems to compile and copy over correctly.  But the kernel hard faults right after handover, I'm guessing because it has no filesystem to attach to.

Does anyone have some howtos on building a filesystem (initramfs? romfs?) for the ucLinux build and creating the final uImage?

And where do you guys prefer it goes?  Are you copying to RAM and booting from there?  XIP from Flash? (That script seems to be broken at the moment).

I know I'm close and I know others have done this, but there's not much information out there.