Endian Issue with LCD Frame Buffer in SDRAM

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Hi All,

I'm using an LPC1788 with a TFT LCD and 16 bit SDRAM for the frame buffer, with color data in 5-6-5 format.  Everything is working except my colors are all messed up because of an endian issue.

Green, for example, should be 0x7E0, but to display green I actually need to write 0xE007.

The LCD Control register (CTRL, address   0x2008 8018) has a bit for setting endianness (BEBO) but this has no effect.  The SDRAM has a similar configuration bit this also has no effect.

Does anyone else have any other ideas?

Worst case is I write a script to swap bytes in all my image bitmap arrays but that seems like a hack.  There must be some way to correct this in the microcontroller configuration...