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I'm making our application ready so it can be used with the bootloader.

The bootloader will be placed from flash address 0x0000 - 0x8000
The application will then start from address 0x8000.

I'm trying to get the application running from flash address 0x8000, just to see if it works. But if I do that, the debugger looses its connection. (Using KEIL and ULINK2). I have to force the CPU into internal bootloader before I can get my debugger connect again.

What I have done so far in my application to make it run from address 0x8000

In the scatter file I have offset the RO space to 0x8000:

; Load region is in internal FLASH, 512KBytes
FLASH 0x00000000 0x78000 {
  ; All code and RO data in in FLASH
  ER_RO 0x00000000 0x78000 {
    ;startup_LPC177x_8x.o (RESET, +FIRST)
startup_ea1788.o (RESET, +FIRST)
    *.o (+RO)

In the SystemInit function I move the VTOR to address 0x8000:
SCB->VTOR  = 0x00000000 & 0x3FFFFF80;
In the uVision debug setup I add a ini script for the debugger to jump the SP and PC to the flash address 0x8000:
FUNC void Setup (void) {
  SP = _RDWORD(0x00008000);          // Setup Stack Pointer
  PC = _RDWORD(0x00008004);          // Setup Program Counter
// _WDWORD(0xE000ED08, 0x00000000);   // Setup Vector Table Offset Register

Setup();                             // Setup for Running

When I download the code and execute the debugger I get a connection lost and the ULINK cant connect to the CPU.

Am I missing something? Something todo with the Memory Mapping Control register (MEMMAP register) loading some boot code?
Or do I have to have the bootloader code in the target for the debugger to connect?