lpc1788 MAC reset issue

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by sposelenov on Fri Dec 02 06:36:45 MST 2011

I installed the pre-built LPC1788 U-Boot binaries on my EA-LPC1788 board, and configured the "bootcmd" to auto-boot an image over network.

I noted that U-Boot hangs in MAC driver after the board is soft-reset (i.e. via "reset" or "cmreset" U-Boot commands). Only power of/on or pushbutton reset works.

Investigation showed that U-Boot hangs in the first MAC register write after the resetting MAC logic in board/nxp/ea1788/net.c:lpc17xx_hw_init():
        /* Reset all MAC logic */
        __raw_writel(0xCF00, MAC_MAC1);
        __raw_writel(0x0038, MAC_COMMAND);

        /* Initial MAC initialization */
        __raw_writel(0x0002, MAC_MAC1);
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Hangs here ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        __raw_writel(0x0030, MAC_MAC2);


Has anyone noted this bug? Can it somehow be fixed in software or is it an LPC1788 bug?

Thanks in advance,