Method to add Code validation bytes in User executable output file

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Ramana on Sun Aug 31 22:12:29 MST 2014
Dear all,
   I have a requirement regarding code validations.
   I am using Keil uVision v4.7. Is there any method/exe to generate and place code validation bytes(CRC/Checksum or any)in output executable file(.axf or .hex). Validation bytes should be stored in some memory location of Flash,so that at power-on I'll calculate the checksum of entire flash and compare with the validation bytes in memory location.
   Presently I've written a DOS script to generate checksum of code in a hex files, and places validation byte into hexfile. But this method is not suitable when I download the code from debugger (since it uses axf file to download code).
   Can u provide any solution for my problem...
   Thank You in advance....