Can't Program FLASH on Xpresso LPC1769 Hardware

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by bobw on Mon Jan 27 11:48:45 MST 2014
I have an LPC Xpresso 1769 and I've been trying unsuccessfully for DAYS to FLASH the program (non-volatile) memory using IAR EWARM and/or JFlash.

I have a simple program that starts up and periodically writes debug strings to the UART.

If I use the iJet or the JLink Plus to debug the program, it runs fine. I can hit break points and I can see my UART debug traces, etc. In other words, things operate as expected.

But if I program the device with the same code using the JTAG port on the LPC Xpresso using either IAR (with iJet) or JFlash (with JLink Plus), the IDE/programmer software tells me everything worked fine (even verifies OK), but when I unplug the programmer and power cycle the device, I get nothing. The program does not appear to be there (no UART traces, just dead, nothing).

I'm pretty sure it related to the LPC XPresso hardware - perhaps the LPCLink stuff hanging off of the JTAG lines?...

Does ANYONE know what the heck is going on and/or how can get around it to program the LPC1769 through the LPCXpresso's JTAG connection?