LPC77x_8x timer question

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by williamjsell on Tue Sep 24 13:34:28 MST 2013
What I would like to do is use a single timer to generate multiple timing events.  This does not seem possible, but I shall ask to see I am missing something.  There are 4 match registers in the timer, but they are matched to a single timer counter.  This seems to restrict usefulness.  If I setup the first match reg to have x counts and the 2nd to have y counts, then I am faced with several options: reset the TC when the first match hits, but this means the 2nd match will never hit.  reset the TC on the second match, but this means the TC will count pass the first match, generate the interrupt, but has to wait until the 2nd match to reset the TC.  Not sure if I understand this correctly, but in other processors the TC feeds each timer module with its own TC so they are independent...anyone able to shed any light on this?