Change PHY to DP83848 in LWIP_lpc-v08.0

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by karakas on Fri Sep 25 06:09:47 MST 2015
Hi dear
I have my own LPC1788 Board and I want to launch Ethernet by LWIP LPC.
I downloaded LWIP_lpc-v08.0 and without any change programed to MCU and that works and I have ping.
After that I found PHY library in program is LAN8720 but my PHY is DP83848 but I didn't know how it works?!
However,I change PHY configuration for DP83848 According to LWIP Doc.but it doesn't work and there isn't any ping.
How should I configure PHY in LWIP_lpc-v08.0?
Is there more configuration than Doc.?