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I'm working on a project designing and developing an Android accessory with LPC1769. I used the Embedded Artists’ AOAA Kit board and had success with it. Now I need to build my own device with several similar components from the AOAA kit. So I recently got the LPC1769 LPCXpresso board and quick-tested with USB communications. This is where I am having troubles now.

I'm using the Embedded Artists' AndroidAccessory codes along with nxpUSBlib library. Debugging showed that the microcontroller detects my Nexus 7 when plugged in, but enumerating was not successful. I'm not sure why but I think maybe there is something wrong with the hardware? I am using the same resistors and capacitors as with the AOAA kit (15k pull-down resistors, 33 ohm resistors on data lines, etc)

Can someone help me solving this issue?

Let me know if you need anything else.



Okay, the error codes from during debugging are:

Dev Enum Error
 -- Error Code 3 (HOST_ENUMERROR_ControlError)
 -- Sub Error Code 2 (HOST_SENDCONTROL_PipeError)
 -- In State 268435880

Looks like the issue is with the pipeline? I'm not sure how to fix it? Does anyone know how to solve this issue?