LPC1788 bootloader can't jump to user code correctly

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Hi all!
I'm trying to use bootloader in LPC1788.
BL writes code into the flash memory correctly but it can't jump to user code. I need to jump to 0x2000 but actually it is about 0x680.
What did i do wrong?
Can anybody advice where to get information of how to construct bootloader in LPC1788? As i can see in AN10866_2.pdf for LPC1768 i need to load new VTOR and move SP, PC to new location. And that's it. But i know some people stop PLL, clear INTs and so on in LPC1788. Why? Where can i read about it?
Thanks in advance.

my code (Keil)

__asm void boot_jump( uint32_t address ){
   LDR SP, [R0];Load new stack pointer address
   LDR PC, [R0, #4];Load new program counter address

void execute_user_code(void)
uint8_t tmp;

NVIC->ICER[0] = 0xFFFFFFFF;//Disable all interrupts
NVIC->ICER[1] = 0x00000001;

NVIC->ICPR[0] = 0xFFFFFFFF;//Clear all pending interrupts
NVIC->ICPR[1] = 0x00000001;
for(tmp = 0; tmp < 32; tmp++)// Clear all interrupt priority
NVIC->IP[tmp] = 0x00;

LPC_SC->CCLKSEL = 0x01; // set sysclk (12MHz) as clock source
LPC_SC->PLL0CON = 0; // disable PLL
LPC_SC->PLL0FEED = 0x55;

SCB->VTOR = (0x2000) & 0x1FFFFF80;