lpc1788, lpcopen, openocd and lpcopen-make

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Im new to ARM programming, AVR 8 bit programming has been a hobby of mine for about 5 years, I have bought a development board from olimex however the example they have written is for IAR IDE and has lots of proprietry code in, and the IDE is like $2000 - I cant afford that, so I want to go open source.
This is the dev board I bought; https://www.olimex.com/Products/Modules/LCD/MOD-LCD4.3%27%27/
I have setup a ubuntu box with the above mentioned toolchain. By lpcopen-make I mean: https://bitbucket.org/smartavionics/lpcopen-make

It all seems to work with my olimex jtag debugger, I "think" I can program the device with the example, however nothing happens, I cant get any response from the serial line.
Im new to make files aswell, 
I was wondeirng whether anyone would be able to help me get something that works. I know its quite a tall order, but Im at a bit of a loss. I dont know whether its the board, the jtag, whether its flashing correctly, whether Ive set openocd up correctly whether the program is correct for the device, Im just not sure. Is there any chance someone could ssh in  and have a look - easiest way to see the setup. If so, pm me and I'll give you the details

That would be extremely kind and perhaps i could give you some beer tokens or buy you a new jtag or whatever....
.For people who think its a hacking oppourtunity btw, Im a pentester by trade, the box is a vm there is nothing on it except the toolchain, and I have clones, so it wont last much longer than the time it takes me to work this out...