Where to send bug fixes for lpc175x_6x.git ?

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I have only just discovered lpcware and so I am completely new here.

I work on a project that uses the lpc1758.

Until recently I have been using an ancient version of LPC1700CMSIS but having now discovered lpc175x_6x.git, I have started using that instead. In getting it to build on a Linux box I needed to make a couple of tweaks so I would like to submit them for incorporation. Where do I send patches to?

Also, I am now using gcc 4.6.2 (from https://launchpad.net/gcc-arm-embedded) and libnosys rather than the cs3 stuff and have some diffs related to that (config tweaks + new ld script and startup code) if anyone is interested. If so, where should I post that, here?