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CW 7.0 C++; MCF52223EVB; Will Pay for Help In Getting Started

Discussion created by Neville Bonwit on May 6, 2008
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We're much behind schedule on a project and Freescale tech support was helpful in the beginning but we're totally stuck and freescale support seems to have fallen off the map and we can't wait any longer.  I've programmed microcontrollers in the past but am a bit rusty and am having a bit of trouble starting.
We're willing to pay someone to help us out in any or all of the following areas, preferably in the following order:
1) Get the code attached to this post to not give a runtime error (see below) (estimated 1-2 hours?)
2) Assist with other configuration/linker/runtime issues as needed; we're porting a small c# program to run on the MCF52223 in c++ (estimated at 10-30 hours)
3) Help write a routine to read 2 ADC ports
If you'd like to help us out on this issue out of the goodness of your heart, please just reply to this post.  If you'd like us to pay you for your help, please email me at with your hourly rate and resume.  Then, we can talk briefly by phone to make sure there's a fit and I'll send you an NDA and I9 and we can send you the full code and get started.
Thank you, in advance, for any help you can offer,
This is a follow-up to SR 1-432245806:

I am trying to build the attached project and am getting a run-time error when I try to run the program on the M52223EVB. Apparently it is related to a some kind of memory bug in CW related to the 'new' operator.

I received the advice listed below about how to work around the problem but do not understand the advice. Can you please provide an example using the attached project?

Thank you,

In reply to your message regarding Service Request SR 1-432245806:

Unfortunately there is no work around by now, but the bug should
appears fixed in the next release build of the Codewarrior, it is on schedule
to appears next July 2008. My recommendation to this issue is don´t
create long allocation in the memory this is the major issue here, also
you can try to modify from the linker file the heap for the stack,
maybe it can help, also try to use the alignment structure as byte.

Hope it helps and thanks for the bug catch.

I will pass this Service request to the developers team, please if you
need follow up open a new Service Request.
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