LPC1788 2x SDRAM chips

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Hi, i have the following  idea/question. I`m designing my own development board based on lpc1788 and i want to connect 1 SDRAM chip(MT48LC16M16A2P 256M (16Mx16)) and leave traces and pads on the PCB for connection a second one (the same). My question is the following can i configure them to work in 16 bit  manner, because i find same connections in which the 1st memory takes data lines 0:15 and the 2nd 16:31  but, this configuration has different Address line in 32-bit wide bus the address lines start from A2 and in 16-bit wide they start form A1.So i`m wondering if i can connect data lines 0-15 to both SDRAM chips  and use the separate  EMC_DYCS0; EMC_DYCS1 EMC_CKE0 EMC_CKE1 EMC_CLK0 EMC_CLK1 EMC_DQM0 and EMC_DQM1 to access them them in 16 bit manner. Thanks for your time.