Understanding timer interval values for match register

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Hey guys I could use some help understanding the timer example provided. I am using the LPC1764 running at 100MHz and using LPCXpresso 5.2.6.

In the LPCX176x_cmsis2_timers example I see the following code:

#define TIMER0_INTERVAL((2 * (4 *(SystemCoreClock/10))) - 1)
#define TIMER1_INTERVAL((2 *(4 *(SystemCoreClock/10))/3) - 1)
#define TIMER2_INTERVAL((2 *(4 *(SystemCoreClock/10))/5) - 1)
#define TIMER3_INTERVAL((2 *(4 *(SystemCoreClock/10))/7) - 1)

My question is how are these values calculated. For instance:

(2*4*100MHz)-1 => ~800x10^6 or 800 million. Is this 8 seconds? Also, why is the 2*4 necessary? If someone could explain to me the calculation of the intervals and how the match register will use this value it would be much appreciated.