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Content originally posted in LPCWare by mauricio1976 on Fri Oct 23 10:19:12 MST 2015
I am working on a project with bootloader. I used LPC1769 and LPCXpresso v7.9.2 [Build 493] [2015-09-14]. The application that will be load in the flash memory must be validated. Thus i think generate a signature for the aplication file and after charge the application recalculate the signature and compare with the original.
I read the document "AN10918 NXP LPC Cortex-M3 IEC60335 Class B library" and i use the functions:
void StartHardSignatureGen (uint32_t startAddr, uint32_t length, FlashSign_t *pResultSign)
void StartSoftSignatureGen (uint32_t startAddr, uint32_t length, FlashSign_t *pResultSign)

The signature generated for each one of this functions must be the same, but i have an error and i don't know where.

The function "StartSoftSignatureGen" in the "AN10918" it is the same that the algorithm "Fig 140. Algorithm for generating a 128 bit signature" in pag. 650 in document "UM10360"?
There are some example with IEC60335 (Flash) for LPCXpresso?

Thanks, Mauricio