LPC1776 Ethernet

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I'm using a LPC1776FET180 controller as a UART to Ethernet converter. The PHY is connected via RMII.

I have a problem setting up the ethernet MAC. Everytime I try to access a MAC register the JTAG connection is lost. According to the User Manual section 10.12.1 the ethernet reference clock has to be connected and running before initializing the MAC and accessing MAC registers via JTAG. I checked the ethernet clock with my scope and verified that it is a stable 50 MHz clock. It is connected to P1[15] (PAD A8) of the LPC1776. The IOCON_P1_15 register has the value 0x00000029. I also tried 0x00000001 for the IOCON register.

Are there other things that I have to consider? Is the clock connected to the correct pin, pin configuration ok?