Using STLINK or TI ICDI to debug/program LPC1700 MCU

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by izico on Fri Sep 13 17:18:21 MST 2013
Hi, I dislike the proprietary tools from Code Red, but I love the price of NXP LPC very much, I don't understand why NXP buy this company and game over their old strategy to support simultaneously the 3 main stream development tools - Keil/IAR/GCC, which is my preferred solution because it gives us more choices, and we can figure out to use other free tools with the examples of these 3 very different main stream development tools.

Preferably I love to use a free and open source tool to develop, I used gcc/openocd/eclipse successfully for both STM32 and TI Stellaris in the past.

ST has the ST-LINK JTAG/SWD probe on their cheap demo board, and TI has the ICDI on their cheap demo board, and I used these on board JTAG/SWD probe to debug/program my own custom board.

But I've not been successful to use ST-LINK with my LPC1769 LPCXpresso board yet.

In order to find the problem/solution, I tried using Keil ARM-MDK, I've succeeded to debug the LPC1769 with the STLINK by now, but unable to program the flash yet, I feel it may not be able to do it after my further study and trial.

Anybody have ever succeeded to debug/program the LPC17xx with either ST-LINK or TI ICDI using any development tools? If so I guess I can find a way to make the openocd to work too.

Don't suggest other working JTAG debuggers, I know this but I don't want to buy more debuggers; and don't suggest using the crt_emu_lpc11_13_nxp command line tool of Code Red too, I know how to communicate with this gdbserver too; I want a totally different and preferably open source free tool.