Project using LPCOpen and FreeRTOS from Scratch

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by GPh on Wed Nov 05 03:15:03 MST 2014

LPCOpen is a very good tools with good example and features, Thanks to NXP.

But i have I have some trouble. Why ?
Because the LPCOpen is bundle with lot of things (samples, boards specifics library, ...) and i want to made my project from scratch. Or at least with only useful files in my project.

I want to use serial, IO, I2C SPI, USB and Ethernet with FreeRTOS on my own board.

So what i need to take from LPCOpen pack ?
What i need to modifiy ? (init board probably)
How can i make common library for use in my project and get the ability to update LPCOpen and FreeRTOS in the future ?

In other words : What is the good way to make my common shared library ?

Thanks a lot, Philippe.