EMC with SRAM misses some Chipselects

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by broky on Wed May 13 09:00:18 MST 2015
Hi everybody,
at the moment I'm trying to connect a IS61WV12816DBLL-10 SRAM to the EMC of my LPC1788 custom board. If I use the EMC in 16 wide mode, I sometimes have problems writing values to the SRAM. One of 100 bytes will be skipped. A look on the scope shows why (See attachment). The chip select active low signal is missing time by time. But at the moment there is no other memory on the bus. The SRAM contains my framebuffer that is displayed by the LCD Peripheral. The LCD part is working properly because in 8 bit EMC mode the image is correct and the scope does not show any missing chip selects.

The bus is running at 96MHz like you can see in the timing register screenshot attachment. I also post my EMC configuration registers for 16 bit mode. Does anyone have an idea what's going wrong here?

Many thanks,