Hard fault instead of bus fault with LPC1788

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by masaz on Mon Dec 14 05:51:54 MST 2015
Hi all,

I am currently implementing fault handlers with my project and I have run into
a strange issue here. Even if I have enabled bus faults along with usage and
mem faults, any bus-fault type issue always results in hard fault. This I test
by reading from various unused addresses.

Now, I am fairly sure I have properly enabled bus fault, along with with usage/mem faults.
Usage and mem faults trigger as expected, but bus fault always triggers hardfault
even if it is enabled as well. In debugging this, I can see I have enabled bus fault, but
hard fault FORCED bit is nevertheless set and I can see also bus fault pending from
the registers.

I have also double checked that bus fault handler code does not trigger hard fault
by using the code for usage fault.

Anyone else run into same issue with LPC1788 ?

Br., Matti