How to verify Flash programming if Boot ROM is mapped to address 0?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by giusloq on Mon Dec 14 02:04:42 MST 2015
I'm trying to create a DOS script that programs and verifies Flash memory of LPC1778 device. I'm using J-Link debugger probe that includes a simple command-line application that writes and reads memory of the connected device.

The verify process failed immediately at address 0. I think because I verify starting from address 0, but after reset Boot ROM (or a part of it) is mapped to address 0. If I understood correcly, the size of the Boot ROM remapped to address 0 after reset is 0x3FF (1024 bytes).

First question: does this mean the user application code can't use those first 1024 bytes?

Second question: how to implement a correct verify procedure? In this scenario, I think I need to verify starting from address 0x400, ignoring address range 0x000-0x3FF. Correct?