LPC1756 SBL fails to flash

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I'm using an LPC1756 and adding an SBL, starting with the AN11258 (I2C secondary boot loader)

I started with the Slave SBL firmware.  This is the piece that executes on boot and will check whether or not there is user code.  I have not incorporated the user code yet.

The project builds fine but when I try to flash the AFX file to the chip, it fails, every time.  From LPCXpresso, I tried using the both debug (with program before debug) and the flashing tool that is built in.  Both fail at the very end of the flashing process, as soon as it exits reset.

I was able to track it down to the SBL_APICall.  If I comment out this call, it will flash correctly and I can even debug it.  I have validated that the SBL will receive a user code image, write that user code image to FLASH and execute the user code image.

However, as soon as I uncomment the SBL_APICall, it fails (falls into one of the exception handlers) as soon as the FLASHing is done and it exits reset.

Here is the original source code for the call (with these lines in, SBL FLASH fails, with them out, SBL FLASH succeeds):

__SECTION(text_Flash_SBL_API, SBL_APICall) void SBL_APICall(uint32_t API, uint8_t* pData) {
    SBL_APICall_Handler(API, pData);

Here is the disassembly output from the .lss file

Disassembly of section .text_Flash2:

00000ff0 <SBL_APICall>:
*                      In case the SBL_CMD_HANDLER_FUNC is called, It should be
*                          the received command over bus.
* @return       None.
__SECTION(text_Flash_SBL_API, SBL_APICall) void SBL_APICall(uint32_t API, uint8_t* pData) {
    SBL_APICall_Handler(API, pData);
ff0:f7ff bacb b.w58a <SBL_APICall_Handler>

It appears that the correct brach instruction is getting put into the correct location in memory.

Here is my memory map (properties -> C/C++ Build -> MCU Settings):

Flash     Flash_SBL         Flash     0x00000000     0x00000ff0
Flash     Flash_SBL_API     Flash2    0x00000ff0     0x00000010
RAM       RamLoc16          RAM       0x10000000     0x00003c00
RAM       RAM_FWDAT         RAM2      0x10003c00     0x00000400
RAM       RamAHB16          RAM3      0x2007c000     0x00004000

I compared the .bin file from the two versions (one with and one without the SBL_APICall).  They are identical up to the point of between the end of the main code and the SBL_APICall.  The version WITH the call is filled with 00's up to 0xFF0 and then has the SLB_APICall code at 0xFF0.

Should the fill be 0xFF's instead of 0x00's?

What is going wrong or what should I be looking at/looking for?  I'm obviously missing something, but just can't figure out what.