LPC1769 + emWin + FreeRTOS

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by sebastianeferrer on Thu Dec 05 20:19:34 MST 2013
Hello, I'm using emWin with FreeRTOS on an LPC1769 and HardFaul_Handler is executed during GUI_Init rutine or during another part of the program.

I've searching and thinking what can be causing the problem and as far as I could find out it could be a problem of FreeRTOS (different cr_startup file) with dinamically allocation memory implemented by emWin.
EmWin initialize an U32 vector with the size of the memory it whats to take and then during the execution of visual interface it takes the blocks of memory it needs.
Some how freeRTOS executes HardFaul_Handler because maybe it thinks that emWin is traying to manipule a posicion of RAM that does not concern.

I attached the GUIConf.c file and my main.c file

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