RamLoc64 overflowed

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I'm working with the EA 1788 Board and the EA 4.33'' TFT Display. I started modifying "s_disply_board" project. The problem appeared when I loaded a font (for SWIM library) that needs a lot of storage memory. When compiling the next error message appears: "RamLoc64 overflowed by XXXX bytes". This is what I think it means: The data loaded in Flash is to big to fit in the internal RAM, so the startup sequence can't be run. Please correct my statement if it's false. I think I have to modify the startup sequence so the data loaded in flash is transfered to the external RAM (32 MB). Is this possible? I have a routine that inits the EMC (External Memory Controller). I think I have to call it at the beggining of the startup. I don't know how to modify the linker scripts so can I try the next trick? Go to Project Properties -> MCU Settings and change the location of RamLoc64 (Original: 0x1000 0000) to the location of the external RAM (0xA000 0000). I tried this but without success. 

Thank you for your replies.