For LPC-LINK of LPCX_PressoLPC1769

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by apollo21 on Mon Dec 17 23:20:00 MST 2012
I have two problems.
1, pliers work, the project, if you accidentally delete, and import them again, the imported project, because it remains in the workbench, I can not be imported.
It can not be seen and can not access.
Write a program by connecting the 2, LPC-LINK,
If you try to re-write another program, lose sight of the LPC-LINK, but I can not find any search.
Error of something out and disconnect the USB plug at a time, followed by detecting the LPC-LINK, you can continue to write.
By doing what you can do even if not disconnect the USB (for example, by pressing a push-button switch), continue to write, for example?
Can you more automatically, to avoid the errors that can not be detected or LPC-LINK?
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