Power-down mode currents pour lpc1776

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Greg on Thu May 03 09:25:27 MST 2012
I have a problem for the currents in power-down mode for a LPC1776, the data-sheet write 56uA, and I measure 2.7mA.
For go in power-down mode, I use:

LPC_SC->PCONP=0;           /*stop all peripherical*/
SCB->SCR = 0x4;            /*set SLEEPDEEP bit */
LPC_SC->PCON = 0x09;      /* Power Down Mode*/

If I disconnect VCCIO (VCC is connected) the currents rise (add 2mA ).

Only the deep-power-down mode have a good currents (2.4uA measured), but it not acceptable for me because I want the internal RAM powered.

Do you used the power-down mode and what is your measured currents?

Thanks in advance for any help.