LPC1788 Ethernet corupted or missing tx packets

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HW: Embedded Artist LPC1788 dev board @ 120 MHz (LAN8720 over RMII)

SW: freeRTOS + lwip + zero-copy driver
Emac DMA descriptors are in peripheral RAM (0x20000000). Lwip memory pools and freertos heap are in external RAM.

Task: transmitting data over TCP at ~4mbps.

My problem is that some packets have a corrupt single lower nibble. Sometimes this also happens then packet is retransmitted, but usually fast retransmit succeeds (data is not modified/copied between retransmits,  checksum is for correct data. Maybe emac DMA reads incorrectly from external ram?)
Also, some tx packets are missing entirely.

I’m also attaching test software project.

Any help would be appreciated.

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