SPI Configuration Problem in LPC 1777

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I am trying to configure SPI in LPC1777 as per chapter 17. But after configuring that I am getting Hard fault error. Here I have attached my pieace of code. Please suggest how i can proceed..

#define LPC_APB0_BASE         (0x40000000UL)
#define LPC_SPI_BASE(LPC_APB0_BASE+0x20000)
#define LPC_SPI((LPC_SPI_TypeDef*)LPC_SPI_BASE )

LPC_SC->PCONP=  0x0508939E; 8th bit high to enable SPI

LPC_IOCON->P0_15  |= 3;
LPC_IOCON->P0_18  |= 3;

typedef struct
  __IO uint32_t SPCR;
  __I  uint32_t SPSR;
  __IO uint32_t SPDR;
  __IO uint32_t SPCCR;
  __IO uint32_t SPTCR;
       uint32_t RESERVED0[2];
  __IO uint32_t SPINT;
} LPC_SPI_TypeDef;

LPC_SPI->SPCR = 0x00000820;             //1010  0100
LPC_SPI->SPCCR = 0x00000008; 

When it reaches the above instucion it goes to Hard fault error.

Please somebody help me if there is any error..