Where do I get official header, startup and linker script files from?

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Hi there,

I've been doing web research for several hours on how to set up a GCC-based toolchain for LPC17xx and LPC8xx chips. One thing that I haven't figured out yet is where to get the official header files and peripheral driver files for the NXP chips. I downloaded LPCOpen v1.03 but its CMSIS directory just seems to have generic Cortex M3 files. I'm looking for the files such as system_lpc17xx.h that define the addresses of the peripheral I/O ports for the chip. These files are available in random projects' source code repositories all over the web but I can't find the official source of the files.

Similarly, where do I get the startup files and gcc linker scripts for each chip? All the dozen tutorials on the web I've found describe people writing their own linker and startup scripts for LPC chips. Does NXP not distribute standard versions of these files?