LPC1778 On Chip SRAM

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I am trying to understand the reason when you declare a variable on a compiler while talking to LPC1778 the SRAM memory range that it went to is the on-chip SRAM address 0x2000 0000 but not 0x1000 0000.

I was doing a simple function to observe the result. The address value that I obtained on the variable Pass_Value is on the 0x2000 0000 range. My understanding was that I thought it should have been on the main on chip SRAM(address starts from 0x1000 0000) but that is not so. Did I understand things incorrectly here? Is it possible to make it write to the 0x1000 0000 address range? The size there is significantly larger.
The memory map is shown on the attached file. The memory map result picture shows the result of what I did.

unsigned char Casting(unsigned long input)

  unsigned char Pass_Value = 0; 
  return 0;


void Passing(unsigned char *Pass_Value)
  DQRead_Addr =  Pass_Value;
  return 0;