Timer configuration problem LPC 1769

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I'm really new to microcontrollers and I have problems with setting up a timer (timer 0 in my case)  and interrupt. For Example the prescaler, I think I didn't set it right. I want to set the prescaler to 1 ms. Is 1000-1 then right? I cannot imagine it works on only 1 Mhz. I think I made multiple mistakes in the basic configuration. Could anyone modify this to right code or help me out?

Thanks a lot

User manual LPC 1769: http://www.nxp.com/documents/user_manual/UM10360.pdf
Basic configuration Timer starts at page 490.

#defineTMR16B0TC  0x40004008
#define PCLKSEL0        0x400FC1A8
#define TMR16B0IR 0x40004000
#define TMR16B0TCR 0x40004004
#define TMR16B0PR 0x4000400C
#define TMR16B0MR0 0x40004018
#define TMR16B0MCR  0x40004014
#define TMR16B0CTCR 0x40004070
#define PCONP 0x400FC0C4
#define ISER0 0xE000E100

int* pCLKSEL0= (int*) PCLKSEL0;
int* tMR16B0TCR = (int*) TMR16B0TCR;
int* tMR16B0PR = (int*) TMR16B0PR;
int* tMR16B0MR0 = (int*) TMR16B0MR0;
int* tMR16B0MCR = (int*) TMR16B0MCR;
int* tMR16B0CTCR = (int*) TMR16B0CTCR;
int* tMR16B0IR = (int*) TMR16B0IR;
int* iSER0 = (int*) ISER1;
int* tMR16B0TC = (int*) TMR16B0TC;
int* pCONP = (int*) PCONP;

void (*timer_tmr_callback)();

void init()
*pCONP = 0x2;
*pCLKSEL0    = 0xC;
*tMR16B0TC   = 0x0;
*tMR16B0PR     = 1000 - 1;
*tMR16B0CTCR    = 0;


void timer_async_usec( unsigned int msec, void (*callback)())
timer_tmr_callback = callback;
*tMR16B0MR0    = msec;
*tMR16B0MCR        = 0x07;
*iSER0    = (1 << 1);
*tMR16B0TCR    = 0x2;
*tMR16B0TCR    = 0x1;

void (TIMER0_IRQHandler(void))
*tMR16B0IR = 0x1F;